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August 8, 2008

Internet, TV, Phone, Mobile bill

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We pay a ridiculous amount for our telecom services each month. And it seems we pay more for services we use less ! A break down:

  • Phone: $199/year or $17/month. Needed because cell phone signals do not reach into our house. We use a VoIP provider and love it.
  • TV: $20 for the most basic package. We hardly ever watch TV. Considering turning this off and just using the $1.50/movie/day Red Box in our grocery store. It does give us a $10 discount on our internet access.
  • Internet: $40 for the second cheapest package. Internet is vital, especially because we also need it for our VoIP phone. I think it is reasonable.
  • Wireless: $75 for two mobile phone plans (family plan). We have more rollover minutes than we know what to do with. Hardly ever SMS/Text. No data plan. Cheaper plans are very hard to find, and even the pay as you go is not all that cheap (they hit you with $1/day if you use your phone that day).

This adds up to some $150/month. That’s a lot of money, yet I cannot seem to find a way to lower these. Verizon recently put FIOS in our neighborhood and I expected some sweet deals (that I would have used to negotiate lower rates on our current providers), but it turns out that their initial offers are actually more expensive than our current plans, plus having been burned by Verizon in the past, I expect them to raise their fees in a year or so.

The only thing I can think of is to go to a lower (slower) tier for our internet. Perhaps we’ll try that out and see how it affects our phone quality and streaming of TV shows.

Of course, if we have good ATT reception, and streaming internet radio and shows was good enough, we could just get an iPhone and hook that up to our big screen TV  🙂  We could do all our browsing on the device, and cut out our phone, internet and cable TV costs for a data plan increase on the mobile service (for one of us).  I wonder, could I hook an iPhone (or other 3G smart phone) up to a wireless access point in our house as the provider of internet access ?


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