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August 2, 2008

FSLint – Save time and disk space by duplicate file removal

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With two digital cameras and two photogenic kids, we take plenty of pictures. We do a dump of those pictures onto one of our computers, and leave the photos on the disk. Just so we have them in two places, should the hard disk crash. We then filter the photos, discarding probably between 2/3 and 3/4 of them. The good ones are grouped into folders, and turned into JAlbum web albums.

We copy the album over to a web server, so we have a master copy of the albums and a servable web copy on the web server. We also copy the master files over to a external hard drive. At that point we deem it save to format the SD or CF cards.

Occasionally we start taking pictures before we have had time to wipe the cards. That means that we now have files all over the place: in our ‘incoming’ directory, already filtered and grouped into albums, and on the cards. It is a pain to manually figure out which ones we already have.

That’s where FSLint comes to the rescue.  I had never used it, just insalled in and it just saved me hours of photo grunt work. FSLint lets you select one or more directories, then you click Find, and it searches for a while (depending on the size of your selection). When done, it lists all duplicate files, grouped by duplicate. You can select all duplicates (“select by group, all but first one”), and hit delete to get rid of the dupes.

Wonderful!  I was up to date with my files in no time. I saved a lot of disk space too!


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