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August 2, 2008

Underwater the last tech-free place ?

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Bliss. No phones, no computers, no internet. Not even speech. Just bubbles and buddy signals. Gravity is overcome by my BCD. I just float around and enjoy the scenery. I love scuba diving.

Our last trip was different. As recreational divers we usually just follow a dive master and see what he or she points out. This time we were just chucked into the water and we could guide ourselves. Our only problem — we did not have a dive watch. Nor a compass. We could borrow a watch and things worked out, although we were worried about getting lost in unfamiliar waters without the compass. I made a mental note (about all you can do under water, although special writing tablets are available if you do something like the fish identification course).

When I came home I lookup dive watches. I was shocked to see how many there are, how quickly they go up in price and how they become dive computers. All I need is a watch and compass, how hard can that be ?

Although, it would be nice if it could record the length of the dive, maximum depth, time at maximum depth, and all that stuff you write in your dive log.

So when I started browsing the different devices, I got excited about getting this or that dive computer. But then I stopped myself. This is like the last place that I do not bring technology with me. Why spoil that ?!

I did not make a purchase, and before our next trip, I’ll go through this exercise again. This time I will make sure I only get a watch and compass. I just want a simple wrist device. No battery¬† (or at least one that lasts several year) or charger. No memory cards.

Any advice ?  Good or bad experiences with any types of dive watches ?


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